Flower power

1The floral pattern is by far my favorite one for the summer. If it is printed on a Guess’ shirt tied at the waist by Guess combined with a pair of denim shorts we have the perfect combination 🙂

Il motivo floreale è in assoluto il mio preferito per l’estate. Se poi è stampato su una camicia legata in vita di Guess abbinata ad un paio di shorts in jeans è la combinazione perfetta 🙂

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10 responses

  1. Actually I do love the floral top with the long knot, and those denims are well paired. Please do check out my very accessorized Breton shirt post featuring some ass hugging amaze-jbrand white denims, dolce canvas mid-heels (humbly), and dries van noten star bracelet that can be turned into a weapon, click to find out why, no seriously! Haha! You’d be wonderfully #PROVOKED!

    xx The Provoker

  2. You look so chic and stylish. I adore this combo and you did a fantastic job styling. I especailly love your floral blouse!


  3. Magnifica la camicia!!! Ci credi se ti dicessi che l’ho appena comprata sul sito? La adoro ed era pure scontata !! 😀

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