MILAN FASHION WEEK: 1st day – my outfit

Hello girls! Here’s the outfit I chose for the first day of Milan Fashion Week: Divided by H&M jacket bought in Stockholm, Pennyblack dress and Zara bag.
Fortunately on Wednesday the weather was clement but as you all know from yesterday it started snowing so I’m super happy that I’ve worn the lightest outfit during the first day among those planned!
The Fashion Week days are super hectic, you have tu run from one show to another between meetings and presentations and the evening is for the party.. So I have no time to update the blog so I recommend you to follow me on Instagram, Twitter and VideofyME, where I post videos of fashion shows to make you live them like you’re here 🙂
Ciao ragazze! Ecco l’outfit che ho scelto per il primo giorno di Fashion Week milanese: giacca di Divided by H&M acquistata a Stoccolma, abito di Pennyblack e borsa Zara.
Fortunatamente mercoledì il tempo è stato clemente ma come tutte saprete da ieri ha iniziato a nevicare quindi sono super contenta di aver indossato l’outfit più leggero tra quelli programmati durante il primo giorno!
Le giornate della Fashion Week sono super frenetiche, si corre tra una sfilata e l’altra passando per meeting e presentazioni e alla sera tocca ai party.. Non avendo tempo per aggiornare il blog mi raccomando seguitemi su Instagram, Twitter e VideofyME, dove posto i video delle sfilate per farvele vivere ancora più da vicino 🙂

JACKET: Divided by H&M
DRESS: Pennyblack
SHOES: Mango
BAG: Zara
IPHONE COVER: Emporio Armani

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  1. Great jacket – the color and style make it beautiful! I love how you went with plain black for all the rest of your outfit too, very chic and flattering! Happy weekend!<

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