Necklace with name

Buongiorno ragazze!
Devo ammettere che ho sempre desiderato una collana con il mio nome inciso ma non ho mai saputo a chi rivolgermi e quando sono stata contattata da “Collana con nome” potete immaginare la mia gioia!
Presto, anzi molto presto, me la vedrete indossata. La adoro!

Vi auguro un buon inizio di settimana,
un bacione!

Hello girls!
I admit that I always wanted a necklace with my name but I never knew where can I turn and when I was contacted by “Necklace with name” you can imagine how I was happy!
Soon, very soon, you will see me wearing that. I love it!
Have a good start of the week,

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30 responses

  1. Io me la devo far fare in oro .. e costa 300 € :SComunque anche io l'ho sempre voluta e la voglio tutt ora ^-^xo

  2. Aother cute post dear, really lovely and stunning as usual :))Still one thing, could you please please do me a favour and vote for me by liking my photo on this link :) really means a lot to me πŸ™‚ puss puss and huggs from ❀ <

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